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Product Description: Pneumatic actuator is driven by air pressure to open or close the valve act
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Product Description:
Pneumatic actuator is driven by air pressure to open or close the valve actuator, also known as pneumatic actuators or pneumatic devices, but generally popular as a pneumatic head. This article describes the various technical requirements of pneumatic head.
Pneumatic actuator actuator and adjustment mechanism is a unified whole, its implementing agencies are thin film, piston, fork and gear rack. Piston stroke is long, apply to require a greater thrust of the occasion; and thin film-type travel, can only drive the stem directly. Fork type pneumatic actuators with torque, small space, torque curve more in line with the valve torque curve and other characteristics, but not very beautiful; commonly used in high torque valve. The rack and pinion type pneumatic actuators have the advantages of simple structure, smooth and reliable operation, and safe explosion-proof, etc., in the power plant, chemical, oil refining and other high safety requirements of the production process has a wide range of applications.

Basic Composition:
Pneumatic actuator adjustment mechanism of the type and structure of roughly the same, mainly the implementation of different agencies. So when the introduction of pneumatic actuators into the implementation of two parts and control valve. Pneumatic actuator by the implementing agencies and control valve (adjustment mechanism) composed of two parts. According to the size of the control signal, resulting in the corresponding thrust, to promote the control valve action. The regulating valve is the regulating part of the pneumatic actuator, under the action of the actuator thrust, the control valve to produce a certain displacement or corner, directly regulate the flow of fluid.

1. The rated output force or torque of the pneumatic device shall comply with the provisions of GB / T12222 and GB / T12223
The above is a thin film actuator
The above is a thin film actuator
2. In the case of no-load, the input of the cylinder according to "Table 2" of the pressure, the action should be smooth, no jamming and crawling phenomenon.
3. In the 0.6MPa air pressure, the pneumatic device in both directions of output torque or thrust, the value should not be less than the value of the pneumatic device signs, and the action should be flexible, does not allow permanent deformation of the various parts and Other anomalies.
4. Seal test When the test is carried out with the maximum working pressure, the amount of air leaking from the side of the back pressure side is not allowed to exceed (3 + 0.15D) cm3 / min (standard state); leaks from the end cap and the output shaft Air volume is not allowed to exceed (3 + 0.15d) cm3 / min.
5. Strength test with 1.5 times the maximum working pressure to test, to maintain the test pressure 3min, the cylinder end cover and static seal parts are not allowed to leak and structural deformation.
6. The number of operating life, pneumatic device simulation of pneumatic valve action, in the direction of maintaining the output torque in both directions or thrust capacity, the opening and closing operation of the opening and closing times should not be less than 50000 times (Kai - closed cycle time).
7. Pneumatic device with cushioning mechanism, when the piston movement to the end of the trip position, does not allow the impact of the phenomenon.

1. Accept the continuous gas signal, output linear displacement (after the power / gas conversion device, you can also accept a continuous electrical signal), and some coupled with the rocker, the output angular displacement.
2. There are positive and negative functions.
3. Move speed, but the load will increase the speed will slow down.
4. Output force and operating pressure.
5. High reliability, but the gas can not be maintained after the interruption of the valve (plus the bit valve can be maintained).
6. inconvenient to achieve sub-control and program control.
7. Maintenance and maintenance is simple, good adaptability to the environment.
8. Output power is large.
9. With explosion-proof function.
10. Compact dual piston gear, rack structure, excellent meshing, high efficiency, constant output torque.
11. Aluminum cylinder, piston and end cap, with the same size of the actuator compared to the lightest weight.
12. The cylinder is extruded aluminum alloy, and by hard anodized, the inner surface of the hard, strength, high hardness. The use of low-friction materials made of sliding bearings, 13. to avoid the direct contact between the metal, low friction coefficient, flexible rotation, long service life.
14. Pneumatic actuator and valve installation, connection size according to international standards ISO5211, DIN3337 and VDI / VDE3845 design, with the ordinary pneumatic actuator interchangeable.
15. Air supply holes comply with NAMUR standards.
16. Pneumatic actuator bottom shaft mounting hole (in accordance with ISO5211 standard) Double quadrilateral, easy to use with a square bar valve linear or 45 ° corner installation.
17. The top and top holes of the output shaft conform to the NAMUR standard.
18. Both ends of the adjustment screw can adjust the opening angle of the valve.
19. The same specifications are double acting, single acting (spring reset).
20. According to the valve need to select the direction, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.
21. According to the user needs to install the solenoid valve, locator (opening instructions), the return device, a variety of limit switches and manual operation device.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact Design
    The Luobai rack & pinion pneumatic actuator produces linear torque output in a compact design utilizing the same body and end caps for double-acting and spring-return units.
  • Degree of Travel
    The standard angle of rotation is 90°. Luobai actuators feature dual travel stops that provide ± 10° stroke rotation on both the opening and closing phases of the actuator stroke. 110° of travel in a standard 90° actuator!
  • Honed Bore for High Cycle Life
    Extruded aluminum body is internally machined and honed to exact specifications. Honing prevents dry spots from forming within the actuator bore and therefore eliminates premature seal failure—a critical aspect to long cycle-life. All internal and external surfaces are hard anodized for corrosion resistance, with all units permanently lubricated at the factory.
  • High-Cycle Bearings
    Shaft bearings isolate the pinion gear from the housing and support the shaft for high-cycle applications. Many competitive manufacturers do not provide this critical feature.
  • High Cycle-Life Wear Pads
    Pistons incorporate double wear pads (skates) to separate the rack from the actuator wall and serve as both guide and wear bearings.
  • Rugged Tooth Design
    The pinion teeth are engaged the full length and stroke of the piston, and designed for the toughest flow conditions. The pinion height allows manual override without needing to remove the indicator.
  • Multiple Output Shafts
    The female pinion drive is standard with a double-square output drive, and optional with a double-D drive, keyed drive and designs to meet your specific requirements.
  • Namur Mounting
    Namur VDI/VDE 3845 and ISO 5211 dimensions on all sizes. No special blocks are required to mount solenoid valves, limit switches or positioners.
  • High Visibility Beacon
    External open/close indicator as standard, available for all rotations.
  • Safe Preloaded Spring Cartridges
    Epoxy-coated special steel springs are pre-loaded with non- metallic materials. The stainless steel end-cap fasteners are extra-long to allow for spring relaxation. All parts are corrosion-resistant.
  • Alternate Operating Media
    Air pressure operation from 40 to 150 psi (2 to 10 Bar). Water, nitrogen and compatible hydraulic fluids may also be used to power the actuator.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
    All external fasteners are corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Optional Accessories
    Luobai offers a wide range of adapters for many different types of valves—including butterfly valves, ball valves and plug valves—as well as a variety of pneumatic and electric automation accessories suitable for diverse industrial environments.
  • Quality Assurance
    100% of all units are factory pressure and leak tested, and individually boxed for shipment.
  • Traceability
    All units are externally marked with a progressive traceable serial number.
  • Best Warranty In The Industry
    Luobai products are covered by our unlimited cycle-life warranty. Contact your local distributor or sales representative for more details.
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